lördag 1 januari 2000

In English

Welcome to the home page of Anders Jerker Söderlind, English version. In this section English comments and documents will be published.

Writing, talking and thinking in any other language than English today reduces one´s impact and possibilities with 99 per cent. In a not too far future, I hope to switch to English entirely.


I am a market urbanist. That means that all building and planning activites should to be judged and evaluated according to how well they meet the demand of the user. This is a very simplistic, natural, populist, common sense and in the same time unfortunately controversial position.

It is a sad fact that most places that people like to be at or go to, are illegal under the present planning and architectural regime. The idea that popular demand should be subordinated to ideological choises made by selfproclaimed representatives of the people took place both in the field of urbanism and politics in the beginning of the unfortunate 20th century.

The almost 70 lost years of communism and modernism has, however, created such a huge amount of cathastrophic places and situations, that demand focused urbanists and architects will have plenty of work for a long time still.

The only thing we should fear is the temptation of becomming selfappointed experts – as opposed to resourceful servants of an increasingly complex society.

2007-12-05Attend the Stockholm Urban Shortage- Stockholms Handelskammare
2007-03-05Urban development and noise reduction- QCITY WP 4.2
2007-03-05Upgrading the Operative System of European Slaburbs-
2005-06-01Culture as Soft City Infrastructure- Conference Paper